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Member Spotlight - Ashlee Taylor

Find out more about our #IndyAMAStory submission winner, Ashlee Taylor!

What my day job entails: I’m the Senior Marketing Analyst at HCC Medical Insurance Services. I’m part of the internal marketing team and work to help us market our products to individual customers, as well as to agents in the B2B space. I manage our AdWords account, run all of our email marketing campaigns, plan and execute all of our paid social media ads, and write for our internal company newsletter. I also analyze the performance of the above efforts. It’s a great job in the digital marketing world that I really enjoy!

What I enjoy about marketing: I love that there are so many areas to get involved in. Whether its social media, blogging, analytics, research or content, there’s always more to learn and more to do.

What I love about IndyAMA: The luncheon topics are always interesting and informative. I love learning about new areas that I may not be involved in at that particular moment. I also enjoy meeting new people and growing my professional network.

Why I chose to join IndyAMA: I loved being involved in AMA in college and when I started working downtown, I knew it was time to get involved again. I love the resources AMA provides to its members, and being involved in a local chapter helps you to get to know other professionals in your area.

What I do for fun: I love spending time with my husband and my two adorable chocolate labs.

I have my own lifestyle blog that I just started in August, so I’m always doing a new craft project or trying out a new recipe to post. I also enjoy exercising, shopping, and watching Jimmy Fallon (DVR of course—who stays up that late!?).

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