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What Cluttered Design Really Says About Your Company

Written by Andy Teipen

Whitespace. If we could, we would register it as an endangered species, because it seems so rare in the marketing world – especially on websites. Too many times I see marketing materials and websites with competing design elements shouting for attention. So, consider this blog post our campaign to get whitespace back off the endangered list. It’s a design issue, to be sure. But more than that, the message you send to customers says something about you:

  • “We can’t decide what our real message is.” It’s hard to leave a customer with that “one central idea” that encapsulates what your company is about, when your design is too crowded with competing messages.
  • “We place no value on our words.” Think of it like a front yard. If a yard is so cluttered that you can’t see any grass growing, or it doesn’t look well maintained, that house likely has a perceptible lowered value. A cluttered website can indicate the same thing. Whitespace seems to add value to your online real estate.
  • “We jump on every trend, whether it makes sense or not.” While we can’t guarantee that your website will be talked about 50 years later, good design and good implementation of whitespace might help your business last longer.
  • “We don’t care about your experience.” Choice is nice, but too much choice is overwhelming.

So, the next time you are tempted to add a bunch of new copy or design elements, think about the message you really want to send. Whitespace is the most important element on the page, because it makes all the other elements matter.