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Member Spotlight - Katie Gilmore

Meet IndyAMA Member and VP of Special Events, Katie Gilmore!

Day job: I’m an independent contractor and consultant, helping people align their marketing efforts with their business strategy.

What my job entails: I help an organization make sure that marketing efforts are aligned with business strategy.  I work with organizational leaders to develop actionable plans to deploy marketing resources in alignment with their overall strategy.

This can include the development of content designed to demonstrate expertise and highlight key people.  It can also include working with an organization to uncover all of its existing marketing tactics, identify any tactical gaps to be filled, and then bring those pieces together to amplify the message.

What I find the most exiting/interesting about marketing: Marketing is one of those rare professions that brings together art and science.  I’m excited about the future of marketing and what we as marketers can create with more data driving our decisions.

What I enjoy about IndyAMA: IndyAMA is a great place to learn more about new trends in marketing, and to find smart people to talk to about those trends.  I also enjoy camaraderie of the group, and the welcoming atmosphere at each event.

What I do for fun:  I love to spend time with my 16-month-old son and my husband.  Right now, my son’s favorite song is The Hokey Pokey, and he will even turn in a circle when the song comes on, so that’s a lot of fun.

You may be interested to know that…Arrested Westeros is my favorite place on the internet.

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