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Staying Connected with IndyAMA

Written by Jennifer Denney

When I was asked to volunteer as the President of the IndyAMA I was honored and humbled to do so.  It is my passion to help others succeed in life and I believe the AMA does that in many ways.  Staying connected to the leaders of the marketing world will help ensure that you’re always within arms reach of the best and the brightest in marketing. Our mission is to bring forth to you events that inspire you and help you learn new marketing techniques and insights to grow in your expertise.  We are all trying to figure out the changing world of marketing.  Last month we had a great start to our year with our speaker Michael Grimes from Finish Line as he shared important lessons in omni channel marketing. Not one piece of marketing is the magic bullet; we have to be skilled in many ways, and we look forward to bringing you more events that can help expand your skills.

We hope the AMA can be your resource to continue that growth in all forms of marketing.  It has always been a passion of mine to volunteer my time to help others get what they want in life because if you help enough people get what they want in life eventually you get what you want.  My ears are always open to suggestions and comments to make your experience better with the IndyAMA.  You can email me at

Jennifer Denney

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What I find most exciting/interesting/enjoyable about marketing: Marketing to me is about leadership.  It’s about your ability to affect one’s decision in buying your product.  Leadership is the same thing only you are selling your ideas in hopes of getting results.  Leadership is a big passion of mine along with learning. That is what I also love about marketing – that it is constantly evolving and you have to stay on top of your toes. I also love that marketing is about testing and looking for results. It takes both science and creativity.

What the AMA provides me: The AMA provides a resource to tap into marketing styles from all walks of marketing which allows us to be more well rounded in the field.  Having some of today’s top Indianapolis marketing professionals frequently attend AMA events allows me to connect and share experiences to grow.

What I do for fun: I enjoy time with my family mostly at sporting events! I have two daughters who are highly involved with sports. If I really have extra time I love dabbling in ceramics.