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Member Spotlight - Donna Martz

Get to know IndyAMA’s Community Relations Chair, Donna Martz.

Day Job:  Business Marketing Consultant and Strategist at Aspire Consulting

What my job entails:  Whatever tools, strategies, actions that help me create solutions for clients!  Develop greater marketing recognition, building effective relationships, creative writing, social media and working with clients to align marketing strategy with your bottom line marketing or sales goals.  Business development and communication!  Public Relations and promotions!  Whatever it takes to get the job done effectively that is ethical and legal!

What I find most exciting/enjoyable about marketing:  The strategic planning side of marketing, visioning and designing a goal oriented marketing plan; the people part of marketing, building relationships and communicating effectively!  Creating a plan that works and working the project to see the result!  The dynamic aspect of public relations as a marketing communications tool and strategy.   I like aligning marketing strategy with sales.   As a CPA, with my Lean Six Sigma certification, I appreciate the strategic methodology and analytics and want to learn more in this area!

What I enjoy about IndyAMA:  Being a part of a successful, dynamic marketing organization!

What I do for fun:  Workout regularly, travel, go to the symphony and I Iove to dance!

You may be surprised to know that… I did a “regular weekly health fitness segment” in Indianapolis on ABC years ago; Richard Symons appeared on the segment one week.    Around
that same time, I was a “Shape Magazine” reader model!

I also have a master’s degree in health and wellness and have presented at Rancho la Puerta in Mexico, one of the top wellness resorts as rated by Travel and Leisure magazine!  One of my goals is to go back this year and take a group with me!