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Interested in Tech? Check out these Resources!

Written by Rachel Saltsgaver

Indy’s tech scene is booming and our recent panel discussion with industry leaders reinforced this statement.  So what should marketers who are interested in making the move to tech do?  Where should go to keep up-to-date on trends?  From tips on skills and knowledge to helpful resources, our panelists did not leave attendees without a few great ideas!  Check them out below:

Emily Trimble, Campus Director, The Iron Yard:

The Iron Yard: Take advantage of both free and online courses designed to give you the opportunity to test out coding and see if it’s a fit for you!  All are introductory in nature and designed by instructors at The Iron Yard.  See online course in JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and Java here.  Free course can be found here.

TechPoint: From a jobs newsletter, a talent network (for that extra boost in job hunting) and a regularly updated blog that covers all aspects of Indy tech, TechPoint has something for everyone.  Keep yourself up-to-date on the tech scene and get know people like our other panelist, Sarah, whose job it is to connect people!

Coursera: Every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors.  Interested in data science?  Coursera has a course for you! Click here for more information. Indy has a ton of meetups covering all aspects of tech.  These events are open to all and are the perfect way to meet people in companies, positions, or careers that you may want to be in.  Networking and connecting are the absolute best ways to find your next job.  A few meetups to start with may be The Open Indy Brigade and Girl Develop It.

Mitch Causey, Director of Marketing at Lessonly:

TechCrunch: Breaking technology news, analysis, and opinions with profiles on startup companies, products and websites. (Fellow panelist Sara Croft also shared this go to!)

HubSpot: The latest articles on marketing and sales topics.

Neil Patel’s Blog: Very tactical and intelligent marketing advice.

Sara Croft, Content Strategy and PR Manager at TechPoint:


  • Forbes Premise: A podcast for technology buyers and sellers.
  • Uncensored: A podcast about entrepreneurs, startups and cool companies.
  • A16z: Andreessen Horowitz is a tech firm that invests in software.



  • Fast Company: The world’s leading progressive business media brand
  • Entrepreneur: Small business ideas and resources
  • Forbes: Business news with core financial topics that include business and technology

Thanks to our panelists for providing a great list of resources to help marketers learn more about the tech world and what they can do to help them make the move!