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Member Resources: Branding

Our upcoming speaker Amy Dunham will be speaking about the strategies and tactics used to change perceptions in managing the NCAA brand. This is special for us since the NCAA is headquartered right here in Indianapolis. We will be able to hear the stories of branding success from one of our own.
As marketers, we all have to take care of the brands we represent including our own. The AMA has you covered with resources within their branding section online filled with today’s top marketers thoughts and knowledge on branding. The content from the AMA comes from unrivaled scholarly journals, like the Journal of Marketing, and award-winning publications, like Marketing News. A quick search and you are able to find articles such as “B-to-B Marketers Report Increase in Branding and Customer Experience Challenges” and “Generation Z Wants to Hear from Your Brand“.
You can also learn about branding through the many on-demand webinars including; “Experience is Your Brand: How a Customer-Centric Strategy Delivers Value” and “Smart Brands Go Beyond Demographics – StarWars™ is the Proof“. If you want to enjoy a two day seminar that is very close to home there is Brand Storytelling – 2016 – Chicago, IL” on 5/18/16.  Last but not least there are many many tools available to AMA members seen below for just branding. We encourage you to not only become involved with the AMA brand here locally but take advantage of the many resources national AMA has for you as well. We will see you at our next event!
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