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Volunteer Spotlight - Jeff Gasior

Get to know IndyAMA’s new VP of Programming, Jeff Gasior!
Member Since: 2015
Day Job:  Chief Strategy Officer at Statwax
What my job entails: Responsible for growing and building out Statwax as an entity, in addition to providing top level strategic support.
My involvement with IndyAMA includes:  I’m the Vice President of Programming – I have a strong desire to be involved in the marketing community and enjoy working with our members to determine which topics are of most interest to them. Once we have an understanding of what our members want, we are able to build out appropriate programming luncheon’s for them to attend.
What I find most exciting/interesting about marketing: Marketing is an ever evolving discipline that forces you to use both your left and right side of your brain. You don’t know what challenges or new opportunities are happening in the future so each day is different. I truly enjoy working with brands on how to develop out full scale marketing plans and see the success they can bring to our clients. To me, marketing is what I most passionate about and look forward to waking up each morning and face our client’s biggest challenges head on.
What I enjoy about IndyAMA:  IndyAMA is a great organization that allows for all levels of involvement across almost all verticals. This one organization can assist startup businesses all the way up to Fortune500 companies and everything in between. To be able to be a part of an organization that provides support to find employees, provide marketing guidance and a network of our members who are open to collaboration and growing marketing in Indiana is what I enjoy most about the IndyAMA. If you’ve ever interacted with our members you would know what I’m talking about, our group truly is passionate about marketing in Indiana and staying ahead of the curve.
What I do for fun:  In my fun time I get to coach hockey and am currently the Head Coach of the Butler University Hockey team. When I am not on the ice or working with the team I enjoying going to concerts or attending sporting events. I look forward to the warmer times of year so I can get out and camp or play golf.
You may be surprised to know that: I am the Head Coach for Butler University’s hockey team. That is usually a surprise to most people, but Go Dawgs and come out and see some games this season. We can use all the help we can get in any way shape and form we can get it.
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