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Feeding the Customer Journey

Written by Rachel Saltsgaver

Last week, Doug Karr, CEO and owner of DK New Media, wrapped up our programming year with a discussion about the customer journey.  As purchase journeys change and grow – in fact Cisco has identified more than 800 points along the journey – it’s important to make sure your marketing strategy changes too.
While the myth of attribution explains that not a single strategy makes usdecide we should do something, Google has identified 4 crucial moments in the buying journey.
1. I want to know
2. I want to go
3. I want to do
4. I want to buy
So, how can you evolve your marketing with customer journeys?  It all starts with trust!  You need to establish your company as a trusted resource and authority, grow awareness and reach, and work to grow an audience.  A great place to start building trust is social media.  Unfortunately, only 8.5% of organizations have a social-integrated process and 72% of sales professionals aren’t familiar with social selling techniques.  You should also remember that your possible customers consume content in different ways.  Look at ways to integrate video, audio, visual, and events in your strategy.
Of course, to be successful in your strategy you also need great content. Businesses and customers are consuming more content than ever in history and quality is key.  Build a great library by auditing, enhancing, condensing, adding and maintaining your content. Another helpful tip Doug shared was to tap into your analytics and look at how many of your web pages have no visitors.  After all, people spend less time on sites and pages that stink, aren’t well designed, or well written and produced – so stop using ineffective content!
Doug also gave attendees with a few “to-do” items to help them as they enhance their customer’s journey.  To see these helpful hints and Doug’s full presentation, click here!