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Volunteer Spotlight - Krysten Schmidt

Get to know VP of Communications, Krysten Schmidt! 

Member Since: March 2015

Day Job: Marketing Coordinator at CREA, LLC

What my job entails: In my day job, I’m responsible for all things creative. From designing brochures and invitations, crafting tweets and news stories, snapping pictures or photoshopping our CEO into various scenes and scenarios – I’m the girl.

What I find most exciting/interesting about marketing: Marketing is an adventure. Whether you’re artistic, strategic, analytical, inventive, etc., there’s a place for you – even if the path isn’t always a set one. As someone who gets bored easily, I’ve always enjoyed being able to wear different hats and marketing certainly affords that. Today I might be the company photographer, tomorrow I might be examining website analytics. As a marketing professional, I get to be a student to new technologies, ideas, and issues while still mastering the things that I do best.

What I enjoy about IndyAMA: In my day job, I work as part of a team of two. Being able to be in a room with 10+ marketing minds to accomplish common goals is a lot of fun (even if we can be a little scatter-brained 🙂 ). I’m also not originally from Indy, so it’s been such a great opportunity to grow my network and connect with people who truly get it.

What I do for fun: When we’re not traveling to visit family in the Cincinnati and Louisville area, my husband and I take every chance we get to explore Indy – good food, good drinks, and good music is our thing. Depending on the day/season, I can be found cooking something up, watching true-crime television, trying to keep my composure on the golf course, or out and about with my Boxer, Ellie.

You may be surprised to know that: My dad was in the Air Force, so I was born in Panama City, FL, before moving to Reykjavik, Iceland, then Rome, NY, and finally settling down in a small town in southern Indiana just north of Louisville, KY, which is where I grew up before moving to Indianapolis after college in 2012.

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