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Introducing The Hatch

IndyAMA is excited to welcome The Hatch to the Indianapolis community!  This new shared office space, which is conveniently located in Broad Ripple, is designed to inspire creativity and features flexible membership plans, services and amenities.  See what Co-Founder, Jen Handley has to say about how The Hatch:

Our goal as marketers, whether marketing our own products and services or someone else’s, is to reach the audience in new, exciting, and intriguing ways. This requires inspiration – the fuel of creativity. This, and so many other reasons, is what inspired us to create The Hatch- a co-working space focused on the creative industry and those who want to infuse more creativity in their day.

About a year ago, Ben Carlson— my partner at our social media research firm, Fizziology— and I saw a need for a creative, energetic, smart work environment that would keep our young team motivated. We were outgrowing the house on College Avenue that had been converted to be our first office – even triple-parking our cars, something our neighbors never appreciated! We needed space to spread out and, even moreso, we needed a space to inspire creativity. Every day our team is tasked with not only researching, but coming up with new ideas and approaches for marketing the films and brands that we work on. After an exhaustive search of Indy-area real estate, we realized that what we wanted just didn’t exist. We would have to build it ourselves.


As we started to lay out our dream office, we realized that what we wanted was likely something that many others in our city would want as well. So the idea evolved beyond just a new home for Fizziology and into a new style of working in Indianapolis.


We’re a research firm, so we started with, well, research. We studied the way people work- how they collaborate, how they work solo but not necessarily alone, how much personal space they need, even how they move throughout the day. We spent countless hours thinking about what it means to be inspired and how to create more opportunities for inspiration.

A third of the US workforce either works from home or works freelance, many with dining room/basement offices or a daily Starbucks habit. The Hatch offers an alternative to this work style. In addition to a very non-corporate, non-office-y vibe, we have a large cafe where we offer Indy-based Tinker Coffee and Nelsons Teas and snacks free to members. We’re partnered with Garden Table for juices and grab-and-go sandwiches and salads for purchase. We have a creative studio with painting easels, white and green backdrops for photography and videography, and a sound booth for podcasting or individual recording needs. We have phone booths for private calls, conference rooms for meeting space and an outdoor work area. Everything in our building – from access to conference room booking to billing – is done via our website so it’s as convenient as possible for our members.

While The Hatch is just opening this week, the Fizziology team has been here for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed a significant shift already. They’re excited to move around and work in different areas and with different groups throughout their day. They seem more energized- meaning fewer mid-afternoon slumps. They’re breaking out into small groups or sometimes going off solo to work entirely away from the rest of the team during crunch times. And I’ve heard more than once that people are working on ideas of what it is they want to create now that we have a creative studio available.

Our business is certainly benefitting from providing more creative inspiration. And we’re so excited to see the positive benefits that come from working at The Hatch for individuals and businesses of all sizes from around Indianapolis.

Learn more about The Hatch, here! Also be sure to connect on Facebook and Twitter!