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Volunteer Spotlight - Melissa Randolph

Get to know AMA Indy’s Collegiate Relations Chair, Melissa Randolph!

Member since: Fall 2017

Melissa Randolph, AMA Indy’s Collegiate Relations Chair

Melissa Randolph, AMA Indy’s Collegiate Relations Chair

My day job:  Global Social Media Community Manager

What my job entails:  I develop strategy and content as well as manage community engagement for my company’s global social media accounts. I also work with our country and regional counterparts to ensure our strategies are complimentary.

What I find most exciting/interesting about marketing:  I enjoy the different aspects to marketing. It feels like there are endless opportunities to continue to grow and learn in this field.  

What I enjoy about AMA Indy:  I love the opportunity to get involved with, and learn from, people in my field.

What I do for fun:  I’m a reality TV junkie! Anything Bachelor or the Real Housewives – those are my favorites.

You may be surprised to know that:  In a previous role, regional McDonald’s was my client and I helped them launch a Pulled Pork Sandwich that was unique to their market. I was involved in everything from developing the business case to developing the product, project managing the creative and analyzing the results. It was an extremely involved, fun and fulfilling project!

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