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Volunteer Spotlight - Dan Morrow

Get to know Programming Volunteer, Dan Morrow!

Member Since: 2016

Day Job: Sales Director, National Partnerships at Odyssey

What my job entails: In my day job, I’m responsible for all things sales and partnerships.  I work with large brands and agencies across the country to reach Odyssey’s unique audience.  We help brands become engaged with their audience to stay relevant using solutions that we know work.

What I find most exciting/interesting about marketing: Marketing changes every second. There is always a new way to think through how to engage an audience. I really enjoy the pace of play in this industry as well as the ability to educate brands new ideas and concepts. Marketing can be a bit like gambling. Sometimes you take calculated risks and on the other times you may have the silver bullet to help a client reach their goals.

What I enjoy about IndyAMA: My life is a constant sprint during the week. I love that part of it. AMA has created a place where I can meet other like minded people who are on the same page. Being an “Indy Transplant” I am always looking for ways to be more social but use personal development as the way to make that happen. I joined the programming committee to lend and hand to continue to provide amazing programming for our chapter here in Indy.

What I do for fun: When I am not out at trying new restaurants and unique drinks ( I always try to order the most obscure drink on the bar menu) here in Indy with my wife you can find me trying to get near the water in any way possible. Indy has been an adjustment from the summers in Michigan where being near the beach and water is just a part of everyday life. I think I am making the adjustment well! I also enjoy being active. My friends joke that I don’t have a slow gear so whether it is golfing, running, hiking or taking a trip across the country I am always trying to do more.

You may be surprised to know that: In college I had the opportunity to donate bone marrow to a women in need of it which gave me the ability to save her life. It was a 6 month process to get things all done, approved before making the procedure official. The procedure was painless for me but it helped her out. If anyone is interested in learning more visit the site: and find out ways to sign up. It was an unreal experience and the process to get signed up takes very little time.

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