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Volunteer Spotlight - Doug Kramer

Get to know our E-mail Communications Volunteer, Doug Kramer!

Member Since: 2016

Day Job: In-transition right now but my most recent position was Marketing Manager at Bright House Networks before acquisition by Charter/Spectrum.

What my job entails: Right now every day is truly a choose-your-own adventure that I create.I get the chance to learn about the Indianapolis landscape as far as companies, people and what is driving growth. Meeting different people and learning is the fun part of what I get to do. My previous job entailed product launches, project management, branding, events, sales support, training, analysis and anything to drive a culture of sales.

What I find most exciting/interesting about marketing: Marketing is exciting because you get to touch a lot of different areas – finance, operations, customer service, I.T., sales, etc. Much of my work has been on the behind-the-scenes coordination, communication and consensus that help makes marketing successful. Marketing is really about telling the story internally, building relationships, finding alignment, creating buy-in, implementing a plan, analyzing results and adjusting. The more I know about other functional areas as far as their metrics, KPIs, what drives them forward and what drives them crazy, the better I can ensure marketing fits into their world.

What I enjoy about IndyAMA: I like meeting people in marketing with different backgrounds. It’s fun to hear about what other people do, what they have a passion for and why. So much is changing so quickly in marketing, but IndyAMA helps bring together the people, resources and topics that are relevant right now for every marketer. I wanted to volunteer to get a different perspective and gain some new experience.

What I do for fun: Right now fun centers around my 5 and 7-year-old kids and their activities. We just finished another round of swim lessons at Butler, winter basketball and are looking forward to dance classes, Tee ball and baseball this spring. My personal fun centers around sports; Butler basketball, Indy 500 and any baseball game but I’m a die-hard Cubs fan. I also loving hiking, especially in the mountains in Colorado during in the Fall when the leaves are changing.

You may be surprised to know that: …I studied Finance at Butler but found my way into an entry-level Marketing position just a year after graduating and have never looked back.  I don’t regret studying Finance and still have an affinity for numbers, analysis, reporting, metrics, which are now more relevant than ever thanks to digital marketing.

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