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Get Back in those Cube You Yahoos!

Written by Nicole Klemp

You may have heard the recent news that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced to her staff of “Yahoos” that they would no longer be allowed to telecommute. This seems like a bold move for a relatively new CEO, who is at the helm of a web brand struggling against the likes of Google.

What would motivate a young female executive such as Mayer to make this drastic change to the Yahoo culture? Will the employees really be more productive sitting in their cubicles? Some research says no. A University of Texas at Austin study found that people who work from home actually work more hours than those working in the office. I know personally, when I have had the rare chance to work at home, I would find myself still at the computer well into the evening. When I have to report to the office every day, I often find myself watching the clock for 5pm to hit so I can high-tail it out of there.

It almost certainly depends on your position and industry, but it would seem that employees who have the option for flexibility would be happier than those who are “forced” to come in to an office setting every day. If you have good employees, should you not trust them and empower them to produce quality work regardless if they are at home or in the office? Opinions on this matter will surely vary, but I believe that giving your employees more freedom will give them more job satisfaction, and in turn, they will be more productive workers.