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IndyAMA's Holiday Drive for Tatum's Bags of Fun

Written by Mollie Morrison

At the IndyAMA, we focus on benefiting our members and our community   through enriching and educational programs and partnerships. To maintain that focus, last year we started a new initiative called Community Relations in order to give back to our community and to connect marketers with deserving non-profit organizations in our community. We are excited to announce this year’s new partner is Tatum’s Bags of Fun.

Tatum’s Bags of Fun distributes backpacks filled with activities, games and toys to every child diagnosed with cancer in Indiana.Tatum’s Bags of Fun was formed in memory of Gabby Krause, an amazing six-year-old who had a vision that all children battling cancer would receive a Bag of Fun®.

Hoosier Tatum Parker was six years old when she was in the hospital battling a rare bone cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma. She received a Bag of Fun® from the Gabby Krause Foundation. The Bag of Fun® helped Tatum get through the long hospital stays, and was gladly shared by Tatum with many other pediatric cancer friends. The toys and games helped lift Tatum’s spirits, and those of her parents.

The Bag of Fun® from the Gabby Krause Foundation made such an impact on Tatum and her family, they wanted to start their own program locally. It is Tatum’s wish to carry on Gabby’s legacy and bring Bags of Fun® to all children battling cancer in Indiana.

Tatum and her family have already made a large impact in the lives of many families battling cancer in Indiana, and we want to help her reach many more. That’s why we are hosting a Holiday Drive for Tatum’s Bags of Fun at our IndyAMA luncheon on Tuesday, December 9.

Here’s how you can help. We are aiming to create bags for any age through 18, and for any gender. All toys need to be suitable for a hospital bed, such as legos, puzzles, crafts, jewelry kits, etc. Charity also provides one electronic item based on age, such as a kindle fire, leap pad, or a Nintendo DS, so both monetary and toy donations are appreciated!

Join us on Tuesday, December 9 at the Marrott Apartments for our December luncheon. Doors open at 11:00 am, and we will be discussing the future of marketing. Learn more here.