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Member Spotlight - Andy Teipen

          Andy Teipen

          Andy Teipen

Name: Andy Teipen

Member Since: June 2012

Day Job: Director, Business Development at Outside Source Design

What your job entails: I get to help people from all kinds of businesses and organizations meet their business objectives through a variety of marketing communication channels – maybe it's a more concise business message, a well designed website or a how-to video. Ultimately, we work together to find the best way to enable their ideal clients to find and connect with them. 

What I find most exciting/interesting/enjoyable about marketing: Marketing is so vast and constantly changing. I enjoy learning about new technologies and marketing strategies. With so many facets to a typical marketing effort, no one person can be the expert in all things. This calls for a team of experts and collaboration. This collaboration is exciting! IndyAMA is a perfect place to share trade tips and strategies, collaborate and learn. 

What the AMA provides me: The AMA is a wonderful resource. It is not only a great opportunity for professional growth and networking, but a good source of information as well. For example, our staff here at OSD enjoys the monthly magazine as it provides an easy way to spark internal conversation about the current and relevant marketing topics. 

What I love about the IndyAMA: This is a very exciting time for IndyAMA. We are in a unique position to work side by side with many other local organizations to promote some of the great things Indianapolis and the surrounding areas have to offer. As a native Hoosier, it is great to be a part of that. 

My involvement with the IndyAMA: I am currently the VP of Volunteers for IndyAMA. I enjoy meeting with people who are looking to get more out of IndyAMA and to give back at the same time. I like to be the connector between those in need and those willing to help. I also don't mind to ask for help. So…we need your help! Please feel free to contact me or any board member to find out how you can get involved with an IndyAMA Committee!

What I do for fun: For fun, I am a husband and father of adorable and active 5 year-old twins. I love spending time with my family. I have a background in music and the audio industry. I still enjoy getting and playing drums from time to time. 

How to connect: 
Twitter: @AndyTeipen