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Personal Branding - Interview Style

Written by Sean Sullivan

Have you every been in an interview and it has been hard to communicate what you did at your last job? Well I have one acronym to help you out in this jam. All you have to remember is STARR.

The STARR method has been around the business world quite some time but we can easily forget this method when we are interviewing for a dream job. Practice always makes perfect. You are essentially selling yourself to the hiring manager. The STARR method can make your achievement stick in the employers' minds. So what does STARR stand for?

STARR represents:

Situation: In the interview when asked a question, you will first set the scene. Let us say you are working for a Sales and Marketing Consultant firm trying to help a corporation launch the next new mobile application. 

Task: Next, you have the scene set up and need to describe the task. You are part of the Digital Marketing Team to help implement the Mobile Marketing Strategy.

Action: Then, you said what you did. You led the new Social Media Campaigns with high end social media platforms and used Marketing Integration into the corporation's operations.

Results: Your results would be that you increased the Mobile Marketing Strategy ROI by 30% in the last month and 45% overall. You always include quantitative results to show the impact level you have!

Reaction: Last, you have to reflect upon what you learned fromt the situation. You were given a task by your company to help a client which you used critical thinking and how did this apply to the job you are interviewing for. REMEMBER, always connect your story to what you are applying for! You are developing your person brand by showing your personal and professional growth with any company and/project you get your hands on!

Everyone will remember KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) while you work, but you need to remember STARR when moving to the next level in your career!