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Social Media Strategy you Can Really Use

At December’s Indy AMA Luncheon, a panel of four distinguished local marketers spoke about the current state of social media and helpful tips for executing a successful strategy. The panel featured Taulbee Jackson, the founder and CEO of Raidious, Chuck Gose, VP, Global Practice Leader at Symon Communications and Co-Founder of Indy Social Media,  Liza Markle, Director of Fan Engagement at INDYCAR, and Muhammad Yasin, Director of Marketing at HCC Medical Insurance and was moderated by Depsi Ross, Director of Interactive Technologies at Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Five Helpful Social Media Tips for 2013

These speakers have great insight into the nature of the current social media landscape and shared some of their learnings with us. Although there were a number of great tips discussed, here are five helpful items to incorporate into your social strategy for 2013:

  1. Don’t forget to prep – Discovery is Key: When developing your social plan, don’t forget to take the initial discovery, risk management, and business case development steps. This process will force you to define your goals, set out a vision for your social media program, and evaluate any potential risk factors. Without taking these precautionary steps, it is much more likely you will struggle to define success in the future and run into unforeseen problems or obstacles.
  2. You Need an Audience: Providing the best responses to questions, posting the most clever tweets, and monitoring your social media accounts 24/7 are all good tactics, but will be devoid of much of their usefulness if there is no one listening. When building your social media presence, it is important to take the time to focus on acquisition. To accomplish your goals and reach your KPI targets, you must have an audience of people willing to engage with your brand.
  3. Being Authentic is Important: In today’s connected age, the average consumer is more than ever aware of your marketing. Fundamentally, people KNOW your are marketing to them. It is now more important than ever to be open, honest and transparent in your marketing communications, as your prospective customers are more likely to see through inaccurate messages. Presenting half-truths or anything that is not 100% accurate could backfire, causing you to lose all of the trust you worked so hard to build.
  4. Real Time Matters: When asked about the success of Super Bowl XLVI, held in Indianapolis in 2012, the panel replied that one of the biggest learnings came in the importance of real time communication. People both in Indianapolis and across the country were hooked on the Super Bowl Host Committee’s #social46 social media efforts. This real time, relevant communication was a key factor in the overall success of Indy’s hosting of the Super Bowl.
  5. Measurement: Although this is likely a given, weaving social media measurement into your overall marketing KPI analysis is crucial. However, don’t just focus on the ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’. Instead, work to bring social into your company’s existing KPI framework. For example, focus on metrics like percentage of website visits from social, or percentage of sales generate from social media channels. By focusing on metrics your management team is already familiar with, it will make social a much more tangible and valued channel.

Social media is an ever-evolving space that will continue to change over the next year. By focusing on these five steps, you can begin to develop a successful strategy poised for long-term success. Thank you again to our panelists for their time and insight!

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