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Volunteers Make the World Go 'Round

Written by Mary Catharine Grau

“Love makes the world go ’round,” or so the song goes. For IndyAMA, volunteers make the world — really, association — go ’round. Without the dedication of time and talent from our volunteers, your local experience of the American Marketing Association in Indianapolis simply wouldn’t exist.

National AMA supports members and local chapters with incredible development resources in the forms of national conferences, articles on a wide variety of marketing-related topics, publications, and webinars, as well as tactical tools for marketers to put to use in their jobs. It also supports IndyAMA with membership and job posting management, plus resources and leadership development opportunities for the board.

That said, everything that you experience from AMA in Indianapolis is strategized, executed, and managed by a very talented team of Indy marketing professionals who volunteer with IndyAMA. This includes programming of luncheons and workshops, socials, all communications and social media, community relations, development of our central Indiana Collegiate AMA chapters, and much more that happens behind the scenes. This dedicated team includes a hands-on, volunteer board in which each member runs an operational committee and a team of committee-level volunteers, all of whom work to build the Indy marketing community and help our members grow in their careers.

Of course, there are some perks too. Volunteering with an organization is a sure way to activate your membership and expand your network. Working side-by-side with others develops meaningful relationships that provide access to new ideas and contacts for the future of your career. It offers resume-building experience that you may not find in your current role. And, speaking from experience, our team and members are a lot of fun, and volunteering with IndyAMA is simply a good time.

We are so grateful for each and every person that serves IndyAMA and our membership. Thanks to all of you for sharing your time and talents to grow the Indy marketing community! If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with IndyAMA, contact our team today.