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Your Experience is Your Brand

Written by Mary Catharine Grau

“Other duties as assigned.” It’s a phrase that has followed me throughout my career as a marketing professional. Beyond responsibilities within the realm of marketing, I’ve tackled everything from party planning to the design of administrative forms, even interior design for brand experience within the office lobby. My experience certainly isn’t unique.

Marketing professionals are tasked with seemingly odd jobs because we’re just that talented, right? There’s that, of course, and the fact that the effects of marketing carry into almost every area within an organization, so it makes sense that we’re involved in more than traditional marketing responsibilities. Your brand is carried out in every interaction someone has with your organization, whether that person is a vendor, customer, employee, donor, or the media. The brand experience is comprised of marketing and identity efforts and much more, and if you aren’t actively participating in the design of that interaction, then the brand is suffering.

As a marketer its important to understand the role that marketing plays across an organization. Next week, during the January IndyAMA luncheonExecuting the Customer Experience – Consistently, presenter Lawrence McGlowan will discuss the role of marketing in developing and executing a customer experience, effectively driving loyalty and revenue growth. Join us to learn more about how marketing is integral in developing customer expectations – and exceeding them – in the name of success for an organization.