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Event Recap: “Preparing to Launch: How to Reveal Something New"

By: Dawn Rigby

As marketers, we’re often looking for effective ways to introduce new products, programs, and initiatives. What better way to gain fresh ideas and overcome marketing challenges than to collaborate and connect with other marketers in Indianapolis?

AMA Indy’s September event was an interactive workshop led by Melissa Rowe, event specialist at Pivot Marketing. Attendees learned how to set realistic expectations, manage timelines, and creatively engage key audiences. With the help of marketing experts at Pivot Marketing, attendees drafted their own plans and returned to their offices Friday morning ready to take immediate action.

Even if you missed the workshop, you can still take away launch tips and best practices, thanks to our friends at Pivot Marketing for sharing this worksheet:

Types of Launches

  1. Product/Service

  2. Program/Initiative

  3. Event/Event Series

  4. Brand/Rebrand

Launch Tips & Strategies

  1. Start early and set benchmarks

  2. Share with influencers first

  3. “Leak” updates on social

  4. Leverage partners & programs

  5. Make engagement easy

  6. Prepare for pitfalls

7 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Product Launch

  1. Put the focus on the people, not the product

  2. Get opinion leaders on-board early

  3. Be revolutionary

  4. Turn your product launch into an event

  5. Take pre-orders

  6. Release a product your customers will want to show off

  7. Draw out the suspense for as long as you can

5 Tips to Launch a New Initiative

  1. Upper-level, organization-wide support

  2. Vision must be clear and concise

  3. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst (organization and accountability)

  4. Time and patience go hand-in-hand

  5. People can make or break a successful launch

9-Step Guide to Successfully Launching a New Event

  1. Find your audience

  2. Develop a unique and effective value proposition

  3. Get your ticket pricing right

  4. Set a realistic budget

  5. Build momentum by creating an early support network

  6. Set up your event page for success

  7. Promote your event with great online marketing

  8. Deliver a world-class onsite experience for your attendees

  9. Go from strength to strength after your first event

10 Critical Success Factors in Launching a New Brand Identity

  1. Develop a launch communications plan.

  2. Define your key messages and tailor them to each audience.

  3. Train internal audiences FIRST.

  4. Be everywhere your audiences are.

  5. Be sure your creative delivers the message.

  6. Leverage key industry events.

  7. Sustain your communication efforts over time.

  8. Invest in identity standards.

  9. Measure your success.

  10. Secure adequate budget.

Ready to plan your own launch?

The Situation

What are you launching? What is the goal of the launch?


Who is your target audience? How will you reach them?


How will you execute the launch? What strategies will you implement?


What are your key messages? How will they evolve pre, during, and post launch?


What visuals will you need to support your launch? Images, ads, videos?


What channels will you use to promote your launch? Can you leverage partners and influencers?


How much time do you need to prepare? What information will you reveal and when?


How will you measure results?


How will you report results and to whom?

Krysten Schmidt