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Volunteer Spotlight: Katherine Martin

Get to know Katherine Martin!

Katherine Martin, Co-Founder of Whirlaway Marketing

Katherine Martin, Co-Founder of Whirlaway Marketing

1. Name: Katherine Martin

2. Member since: Summer 2018

3.  Day job: Co-founder of Whirlaway Marketing

4. My day entails: At Whirlaway, we create bespoke marketing + PR strategies for lifestyle brands and business in Indy and beyond. As a small business owner, I wear a lot of hats. From working on our client campaigns to balancing the books, and creating new business opportunities, I do a bit of everything. 

5. What I find excited + most interesting about marketing: I spend a lot of time thinking about social media marketing, influencer outreach, and partnerships. I love talking and learning about the power of social media, the ever-changing algorithms, and how it serves the consumer. If there is a new TechCrunch article about the Instagrams algorithm, you better bet I have an alert setup. 

6. What I enjoy about AMA Indy: I love the community of AMA. Everyone I have met has been so welcoming. I also think AMA Indy programming is very valuable. As someone who grew up in Indianapolis, I love hearing about things like the strategy for Newfields Winter Lights and the Bottleworks project. 

7. What I do for fun: On the weekends you can find me renovating my historic home near Fountain Square or walking my husky puppy to Metazoa Brewing Co. 

8. You may be surprised to know that... I have an identical twin that lives in Indianapolis. She also works for Whirlaway and helped found our company.

9. Ways to connect with me: You can find me on Linkedin here, but I share most often on Instagram @_katherinemartin or @whirlawaymarketing.

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