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Volunteer Spotlight: Stefanie Brown

Get to know Stefanie Brown!

Stefanie Brown - VP, Marketing at CREA

Stefanie Brown - VP, Marketing at CREA

1. Name: Stefanie Brown

2. Member since: April 2019

3.  Day job: VP, Marketing at CREA

4. My day entails: I oversee the day to day operations of the Marketing Department at CREA, where I’ve been for over 10 years and have seen it grow from 15 people to 105. I work with our Content Marketing Manager, and our Event Manager collaborating new ideas and strategies for our ever-changing company goals. We manage and implement everything from conference sponsorships, registrations, parties, company swag, advertising, social media, brand strategy and other marketing collateral among many other things. Our job is ultimately to communicate our brand messaging and culture throughout the industry.

5. What I find excited + most interesting about marketing: I really enjoy the creative aspect of marketing. The content is ever changing and there are always new innovative ideas and trends to learn and implement. I am lucky to have a boss that is passionate about investing in marketing, so we are constantly challenged with new ideas and projects that he throws our way and we are encouraged to “pave our own way”, if you will, to really differentiate our company from others in our industry.

6. What I enjoy about AMA Indy/Why I wanted to get involved: I work with Krysten Schmidt, the current President of the AMA Indy chapter, and she has encouraged me to be involved. So far I really like it because there is a lot of information available to me to be informed of current marketing trends as well as network among other Marketing Professionals locally. My company is a relationship based business and this is a great opportunity to create my own relationships and gain additional knowledge and tips that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

7. What I do for fun: I am a bit of a homebody. I enjoy being outside, hanging out with my family and friends, going to new restaurants and travelling to new places.  

8. You may be surprised to know that... I lived in the same building where they filmed “The Break Up” in Chicago and was able to watch some of the production from my window.

9. Ways to connect with me: LinkedIn & Facebook

Krysten Schmidt