Have you visited the national American Marketing Association website lately? You'll find it at a new URL, ama.org. Along with the new URL, you'll find a whole new digital experience for AMA members. 

Of course, it's still the place for AMA members–and all marketThe new AMA.orging professionals–to manage profiles and renew membership, register for great national conferences covering topics from branding to SEO and everything in between, and find articles about trends, case studies, and much more. But, we think there are many more reasons reasons that make it worth a look.

Here are five good reasons to visit the new AMA.org: 

  1. The great content you receive in email and print publications is all available and searchable online, plus much more. Topic-driven navigation helps you find the marketing information you need and want at first glance. 
  2. Within each topic area, you'll find related items to browse such as events, conferences, publication articles, and/or tactical tools like budgeting templates, RFP templates, and much more. (eg. MarCom content area).
  3. As before, the AMA job board is a one-stop shop to search for new jobs, post your resume, or list a marketing job and reach thousands of Indy marketing professionals. 
  4. You'll find expanded content for many roles of AMA members: VolunteerStudentAcademic. (Interested in volunteering with IndyAMA? Learn more about our open volunteer spots.)
  5. It's easy to manage your IndyAMA membership and profile. 

Stop by ama.org to review the new site, read a few articles, and share your thoughts about the new site below. 

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