By Guest Blogger – Lynn Kendall 

Have you noticed the accuracy of the info shared on your Social Media sites? I have learned to watch Twitter for the latest news and information. It is generally more up to date, and in many cases, more accurate than what I can find through traditional news media sources.

There have already been many documented examples of how beneficial social media has been to political battles and human rights issues. Have you read the story of a man that was so grateful that he named his daughter Facebook after it help bring about a revolution?:

Here are a couple of my personal examples:

SPEED- I learned about the State Fair stage collapse at least five minutes before I could find it on local TV reports. I was sitting in front of the TV, with my laptop (just like I am right now) and saw it pop up on my Twitter feed. Not much can be said in 144 characters, so I started paying attention to the TV to learn more.

ACCURACY- Several Tweets in my timeline were sharing an accurate portrayal of the seriousness of Peyton Manning’s medical condition a full day before it was admitted by the Colts or confirmed by traditional media. Because I have come to trust the people behind these tweets, I knew, or at least already believed, that he would be out for the season for more than 24 hours before it would be reported on the local TV stations.

We shouldn’t blame the folks in the local media. We should sympathize. I have no doubt that they read some of the same posts that I do, but procedures must be followed. I recently watched a  weekend talk show where several well-known media personalities shared their frustration about the Peyton Manning story.  They knew the truth, but their hands were tied. They can read what I read, and can be just as sure as I am that it’s true, but because of the rules, regulations and red tape that they must adhere to, they don’t dare report some things without confirmation…. but you can’t control the social masses. WE THE PEOPLE can broadcast whatever we want.

I don’t know how long I will trust what I read in my Twitter feed, but I hope it turns out that most people will always love sharing only the truth, and feel good about getting accurate facts to those who are looking for it. I think it has a chance. After all, the first time someone we see someone spreading false information, we can simply just quit following them. They will no longer exist in our media space. How sweet is that!


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