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Have you ever wanted to give the AMA a try and see what it’s all about?  Now is the perfect time!
The AMA is offering a 3 month trial membership for just $9.99 per month!
Apply now through May 9 and save 60% on membership to the AMA and find out what is guiding and inspiring marketing leaders!
The AMA connects marketers with the relevant experiences and knowledge to enhance their professional growth, empowering them and enabling their enterprises to outperform.

  • Access to industry experts through webcasts and industry articles, delivering the most relevant and compelling knowledge for today’s marketers
  • Downloadable tools and resources backed by the AMA’s academic community and scholarly journals, the forefront of marketing’s next practices
  • 70+ professional chapters for quality in-person events and networking
  • Discounts to conferences, in-depth training and short, online courses to continue your education and accelerate your career
  • A source of professional pride, it is the one community that affirms the value of “the marketer” and offers you a chance to give back and shape the future of marketing

With the most useful, current and rigorous content, the AMA is THE essential resource and global community for marketing practitioners and academics.

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