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As a marketer you are hopefully familiar with the marketing funnel. When it comes to top of the funnel marketing, most of us tend to look at the words people are going to click on and the creative that is going to make your company and brand stand out.  Chris Lucas, VP of Marketing at Formstack, joined us at our January luncheon to discuss a very important part of the funnel that is overlooked. We forget the moment of truth when someone wants to give us their precious email address in order to interact with our company.


By overlooking this part of the customer journey in which they are willing to give us their information and actively engage with us, marketing and sales can suffer.  According to WordStream, 96% of visitors who don’t convert the first time they visit never will.  So, what can we do fix this?
As Chris shared, if your company is providing a good offer such as a whitepaper, eBook, etc., there are key things that you can do to improve and optimize your online form and capture visitor information:


1. Make it easy: Visitors are more likely to fill out your form when it is user friendly and easy to access. Two things you can integrate into your form experience are social auto-fill and conditional logic.


Social autofill lets users autofill form data fields based on their Facebook or Google + profiles.Forms with social auto-fill convert on a 26% average as it can decrease the fields of a form by half and takes the work out of the users’ hands – both of which result in a better user-experience.


Conditional logic allows you to show and hide form fields/questions based on how users respond to previous questions.  This can also help keep forms short and user friendly – so much so that it can increase conversions by 50%.

2. Focus on content, not style:
Take a look at what kind of words you’re using to get people to engage.  Here’s a hint: action oriented words perform better than passive words.  Instead of using a word like “submit” replace it with something that is more action oriented.  You may see your conversion rate increase up to 250


3. Test your form: Instead of just using A|B testing for copy, test how the form performs. This is the number one way to increase conversions.



In the end, it’s important to not confuse people with your forms.  Make content brief and showcase one clear call to action so it’s simple and user friendly. This will result in people wanting to actively engage with your company and website in order to learn more.

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