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Why switch to a Facebook Fan Page?

By Sean Sullivan, IndyAMA Intern and Blogger


For the Indy AMA’s purposes, our team wanted to make sure followers got the recent update to date information with connecting Facebook with Compendium. By allowing viewers not only to see blog posts on the website, we are making resources more easily obtainable. With some of our social media campaigns on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages, the Indy AMA is becomign stronger and faster with online communications.


As for the Facebook Fan page, our team found the Indy AMA Facebook Group page not to be the most effective way to communicate with our followers.  For the Indy AMA’s purposes of getting more attention and engaging with our “fans”, the Fan Page was more relevant for our Facebook presence.  The Fan Page also allows us to track views and posts on the page.



Not only are we using Google Analytics, but our team is specifically seeing what trends are working with the specific page. By simply switching to a Fan Page, the Indy AMA is strengthing our marketing communicatons with you! We want to improve our communications! So please fill free to leave any comments or suggestions about anything on our social media links!


My name is Sean Sullivan and I am Indy AMA!!!

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