IndyAMA Member Spotlight – Chris Oler

Chris OlerName & Title: Chris Oler


Member Since: August 2011


Day Job: President, COLOR Marketing & Design; Author, Molly & the Magic Suitcase Series


What does your job entail? Everything. We’re a small business that prides itself on offering an unusual number of services despite our size. My wife and I collaborate on everything which means that the component parts of our marketing pieces are developed together, not by separate departments or staff. Today, in support of our books, I spent the day talking to students at an elementary school about how to come up with writing ideas.


My involvement with the IndyAMA: I am the incoming VP of Membership taking over for Nicole Klemp.


What I find most exciting/interesting/enjoyable about marketing: Easy question: every client is different as are their challenges. It’s fun when you don’t encounter the same problem twice. There are many more solutions available, too, so you can give the client different options. It’s an interesting time to be in marketing.


What the AMA provides me: An opportunity to grow as a marketing professional and a chance to connect with others.


What I love about the IndyAMA: It is a group that creates generous and open environment. Our first big clients came through an AMA referral. I enjoy talking to and learning from the other members.


What do I do for fun: Well, my kids are fun, but people usually say that’s too easy of an answer. I play soccer every Tuesday night and in the summer, I race in the Inland Cat fleet at Lake George (near Angola). For six years, I coached high school soccer (and lacrosse) and hope to get back to coaching in the next few years.


My Social Media Presence: 

Twitter: @COLORMktgDesign




My name is Chris Oler and I am IndyAMA!

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