IndyAMA Member Spotlight Featuring Mary Catharine

Mary Catharine - IndyAMA SpotlightName: Mary Catharine


Member Since: December 2010


Day Job: Director, Business Development, Well Done Marketing


What your job entails: I work with organizations looking to create successful, memorable marketing, pairing them with our strategic and creative team to achieve greater success for the organization. I also manage our community involvement and marketing.


What I find most exciting/interesting/enjoyable about marketing: There’s always something new to learn: new technology, a new client, new audience, or new marketing channel. I love that it’s always changing, but at the same time always about developing a strategy that speaks clearly and effectively to an audience. The fun part is figuring out how to get there.


What the AMA provides me: A great network of fellow marketers, plus the latest news and trends in our field. I also appreciate learning about marketing success of local organizations and how trends are being applied in our local marketing community.


My involvement with the IndyAMA: A vibrant community feeds the education, development, and connection of all its industries. To me, IndyAMA helps to make Indianapolis great by providing all of these for the marketing community. I’m involved not only to grow the marketing community, but also because of the education, professional development, and connection that AMA provides to me.


What I do for fun: I’m a passionate collector of experiences, be it traveling to new, fun places, participating in a sprint triathlon, or simply visiting an apple orchard with my family. I simply like to experience something new or something familiar in a new way. I also like to spend time exploring Indianapolis by foot or bicycle and spending time volunteering with Starfish Initiative, Second Helpings, Indy Reads Books, and Tonic Ball. (Tonic Ball is November 22; it’s a great fundraiser for Second Helpings with music, art, and more. You should get your ticket today!)


How to connect:
Twitter: @MCGsquared

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