Outside Insight from Kerry Shaw Brown

From Mary Catharine Grau, IndyAMA President


With all 04-15-Bannerof the talented marketing professionals here in Indy, the many organizations providing leading marketing services across the US and beyond, and the variety of marketing and communications organizations offering development opportunities in town, it can be surprising to see an out-of-market talent on IndyAMA’s programming roster. However, that is the case for the April IndyAMA luncheon.


April 14th, IndyAMA is hosting Kerry Shaw Brown, an award-winning director with many national brands in his reel.


And, we’re really excited to offer IndyAMA members and the Indy marketing community the opportunity to hear from this great talent, even if it means bringing him in from out of town.


Providing outside perspective and development is an important component of how we support our membership and local community. Even with fantastic local talent and marketing success stories, learning from those outside of Indy with different experiences helps to feed new ideas into our market.


Plus, Kerry is a dynamic speaker with great insights about storytelling and structure, being smart with your marketing budget, and how to work with talent.


We hope you’ll join us April 14th at the Marott Apartments to get a little taste of his outside insight.

P.S. Register before April 1 with the code AMAEarlyBird2015 and receive a $5 discount.

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