Q & A with Rob Fuggetta on Influencer Marketing

Rob FRob Fuggetta is Founder/CEO of Zuberance, an online Word of Mouth marketing company based in the San Francisco bay area, and author, “Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force.” Rob will be the guest speaker at the AMA Indy luncheon on Tuesday, April 12.


Q: Rob, why is influencer and advocate marketing important to marketers?

A: Influencers and advocates are highly trusted and thus have enormous clout over consumer and business buyers’ purchase decisions and brand perceptions. About 9 in 10 people say they trust influencers and advocates compared to fewer than half who say they trust ads and other forms of paid media.


Influencer ChartQ: What’s the difference between an influencer and advocate?

A: An influencer is a person who has reach, relevance, and resonance with your audience. Influencers can be news media, bloggers, customers, celebrities, employees, and others. An advocate is someone who recommends your company, brand, product, or service to others. The “holy grail” of influencer marketing is turning influencers into unpaid Advocates.


Q: How can marketers identify relevant influencers and advocates?

A: There are several online tools to help you identify and rank influencers by key factors like reach, resonance, and relevance. A simple and effective way to identify Advocates is by asking how likely they are to recommend you.


Q: Does influencer and advocate marketing matter to B2B marketers?

A: Absolutely! B2B buyers trust influencers and advocates much more than paid media. It’s therefore very important for B2B marketers to educate, inspire, and build relationships with key influencers and advocates.


Q: What is the key “take-away” that attendees to the luncheon will learn from you?

A: The key “take-away” is that marketers can no longer rely on traditional marketing techniques like ads and promotions. Instead, marketers must have ongoing programs to engage and leverage influencers and advocates.


Register for the April luncheon here.

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