Volunteer Spotlight – Brittany Weaver

Meet IndyAMA Secretary Brittany Weaver.


Member Since: BSU Chapter AMA member since August 2010, IndyAMA member since August 2014  Brittany Weaver


Day Job: I work as a business analyst for Allegient, LLC, a technology and business consulting firm.


What my job entails: I work on a number of projects at different client sites on an almost weekly basis, so no two days are the same. My main job functions entail eliciting requirements, analyzing business processes, designing and executing test scripts and scenarios to ensure systems meet functional requirements, and preparing accurate requirement specifications to meet business needs.


What I find most exciting/interesting/enjoyable about marketing: Although I am not directly involved with marketing at my current job, the aspect of marketing that I find most exciting and intriguing is all the numbers that back it up, the market research. I’m a very logical, numbers-oriented person, so anything that puts goals and accomplishments into perspective using numbers is what gets me excited!


What I love about the Indy AMA: The transition from a collegiate chapter to the IndyAMA was pretty seamless. The short time I’ve been involved in the IndyAMA, I’ve come to realize a couple things: the members and volunteers are greatly appreciated, and treated with respect. Everyone is seriously dedicated and the passion for marketing that everyone has is just overflowing. The IndyAMA isn’t huge, but we’re powerful, and that’s what I love.


Why I chose this particular volunteer position: Another member of the board came to me knowing I had been involved in the BSU AMA and was curious if I wanted to continue to be involved in the Indy AMA. I was offered the position as a member of the board as the secretary. I quickly accepted, and here I am today. The board is great, and everyone on it deserves some type of trophy.


What I do for fun: Anything that sounds risky and adventurous or with a great group of people, count me in! To narrow it down a bit, I love being outside: camping, mountain biking, hiking, rollerblading, hanging out by the pool or pond, swimming, snowboarding, rock climbing, rafting, wakeboarding… you get the idea. I’m also a huge traveler. I LOVE visiting new places and getting lost in unfamiliar cities.


You might be surprised to know that I….Am also a pretty big nerd. I left these things out in “What I do for fun:”…but in my free time I also research the newest technologies, interfaces, software, hardware, etc. and read an unhealthy number of tech blogs.


How to connect:

Twitter: @brit_weaver

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