Volunteer Spotlight – Helen Jin

HelenGet to know communications volunteer, Helen Jin!
Member Since: Feb 2015
Day Job: Culture + Engagement Manager @ Celadon Group
What my job entails: It’s all about employee engagement! I strategize and plan for ways to increase participation in all aspects of the company culture. We are getting ready to implement an internal communications platform and a new wellness program – two major initiatives that require employees’ involvement in order to be successful. Alongside that, I work closely with the Sr. VP to roll out plans to improve retention, especially within our driver population. On the day-to-day, I oversee our social media and blog and organize various events for our employees.
My involvement with AMA includes: I help with social media posts because I enjoy being on social media! It’s just one way I can stay consistently in tuned with the marketing world.
What I find most exciting/interesting about marketing:  The creativity and constant changes/challenges. There’s always something new to explore and learn. And there are always opportunities to be creative and dynamic!
What I enjoy about IndyAMA: The endless resources and networking opportunities!
What I do for fun: I’m currently training for the Spartan Race in July and it’s been a long but rewarding journey! When I’m not at the gym, I’m binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu (right now enjoying House of Cards, Black-ish, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Last Man On Earth, to name a few!) I also love knitting whenever I can and finding good reads!
You may be surprised to know that: I’m a huge fan of true crime, always looking for a podcast to listen to or researching people/events online. Sword & Scale has been my all-time favorite podcast/website; definitely keeps my drive to and from work so much more interesting!
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