Volunteer Spotlight – Jeremy Schutz

jeremy-schutzGet to know VP of Membership Acquisitions, Jeremy Schutz!


Member Since: 2016


Day Job: Senior VP, Sales for UN Communications Group


What my job entails: Responsible for new business development, as well as promoting growth in established customers.


What I find most exciting/interesting about marketing: Marketing is all about ideas and testing the creative messages that resonate with the customer. I’m fascinated by what works and what doesn’t.


What I enjoy about IndyAMA: I started attending AMA luncheons a couple years ago. I was always impressed with the presentations from the leaders of the local business community. In addition, it was a great opportunity to network and learn from a diverse group of people and industries.


What I do for fun: We have four children, the oldest being seven. Our house is a bit like an underage frat party. We’ve taken up camping of recent – getting the kids out of the house and into nature. Not sure if it’s been good for nature – but it has been fun for us.


You may be surprised to know that: One of my hobbies is woodcarving. Twenty-five years ago a summer storm had knocked down a large sassafras limb in our front yard. As I started the clean-up I thought it might be kind of cool to carve a totem pole. I did. It was rudimentary, one dimensional and not very good. I’m proud to say I’ve upgraded to “not bad” since then.


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