Volunteer Spotlight – Tyler Williams

tylerGet to know our Technology Chair, Tyler Williams!


Member Since: 2016


Day Job: Associate Account Executive at Element Three, a strategic marketing and brand agency


What my job entails: My day job allows me to work with some of the smartest people I have ever met whether they are my clients or my co-workers. I work alongside a team of digital strategists, project managers, art directors, and web developers to plan and execute marketing strategies for our clients. I’m directly responsible for overall client strategy, identifying and estimating additional projects, and communicating these client strategies to the team.


What I find most exciting/interesting about marketing: First, it is constantly changing and can be fairly unique across industries or even competitors in the same marketplace. Second, is the idea that “brand” is growing increasingly in value and will continue to do so (in my humble opinion). Consumers desire to feel an emotional connection with a company, a flawless user experience, and a great product. Marketing has the potential to bring all three factors together when brand and message are aligned correctly.


What I enjoy about IndyAMA: This is a similar answer to what I find most interesting about marketing, but I greatly enjoy meeting the different people involved in marketing and the different personalities that are involved in marketing. Whether it’s a marketing director that manages a team at a large corporation or an individual that started their own marketing consulting firm, everyone has a unique story and take on marketing from the art director to the data scientist responsible for segmenting different campaigns.


What I do for fun: I enjoy staying active through a handful of different CCA adult intramural leagues including flag football, soccer, and volleyball. I have run a handful of mini marathons and full marathons and plan to branch out to nearby cities for my coming race registrations. In the fall I spend my Friday nights officiating varsity high school football and my Sunday afternoons officiating 3rd-6th grade football.


You may be surprised to know that: After narrowing down my choices during my senior year at Purdue, my final two options for post-grad life were the Governor Bob Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship or to commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. I graduated from Officer Candidate School, yet was drawn to the tech and marketing scene in Indianapolis, and have been here ever since!


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