Indy AMA
Indianapolis Chapter of the American Marketing Association

Membership Types & Dues

Get details on our membership types and dues.



AMA Indy membership is a great value.

Our members include marketing professionals of all types, from experienced leaders and freelancers to college students and recent grads. Annual dues vary based on the type of membership you have. Here’s a summary of dues and member types for our chapter. Prices shown include our local chapter dues.


Individual membership types and dues

Member type

Annual dues*

Professionals – All individuals who currently work in marketing

$270 plus $30 application fee for first-time members and $35 Indianapolis Chapter dues

Young Professionals – Individuals who completed undergraduate study within the past 3 years

$120 + chapter dues

Doctoral Students – Individuals currently enrolled in a doctoral program (limited to 5 years)

$120 + chapter dues

College Students – Undergraduate students not currently in a full-time professional position (limited to 5 years)

$50 + $5 chapter dues

Group membership dues

Number of members

Annual dues*

4-9 members

$255 per member plus $35 Indianapolis Chapter dues

10+ members

$230 + $35 Indianapolis Chapter dues per member

$30 application fee for first-time members is waived