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Membership FAQs

Get answers to your questions in our membership FAQs.



We’re excited to welcome you to our organization and our chapter.

This page answers common questions about membership in the AMA and our chapter. If you have additional questions, contact us.


Getting to know the AMA

Before I join, can I come to AMA Indy events to see how I like the group?

Yes. We love to have guests at our events – and our guests often choose to become members!

How many people usually go to AMA Indy events?

On average, we have about 50-60 people at each event. Some events are larger, especially when we partner with other groups. For example, we cohost a Super Bowl Ad Review event with AAF Indianapolis.

What’s the time commitment for AMA Indy members?

You can choose to commit as much time as you want to. Even if you don’t have time to attend events, you can gain access to member resources to further your marketing knowledge. Or if you want to be more involved, consider volunteering with one of our committees.

Do I have to be a member to volunteer?

Typically, yes. But if you want to help out the AMA and membership is not an option for you right now, let’s talk: contact us.

Before I join, can I check out the resources available to members online?

Yes. Even if you’re not a member yet, you can register online and get limited access to AMA content and benefits. (Members have access to extended resources, however.)

Before I join, can I check out the AMA job board?

Yes. The AMA career resource centerand job board are open to all, including nonmembers.


 Joining the AMA

How do I sign up as an individual?

Go to and select your membership type. You will then create your username and password for the AMA website (or log in if you already have a log-in). Enter details about yourself and your interests, then set your communication preferences. On the next page, you’ll choose which AMA publication(s) you want to receive.

How do I sign up a group?

Go to and click on “Register Your Group.” This button pulls up a PDF application. Save this application on your computer and then enter the requested information for your group’s key contact and each member. If you have questions, contact us or send an email to

What are my payment options?

If you join online (individuals only), the options are Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. If you join by mail (groups or individuals), you have the same options or you can pay by check.

What should I expect after I join?

If you join online as an individual, your membership will start immediately. The AMA will notify the Indianapolis chapter that your membership is active and we’ll add you to our chapter’s roster right away.

If you join as part of a group, your organization’s key contact will send preliminary member information to the AMA. You’ll then receive a preference form; fill out this form and return it to AMA within 7 days. Your membership becomes active after AMA receives your preference form and the group’s payment.