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Volunteer Spotlight - Lucy Smith

Get to know our Assistant of Volunteers, Lucy Smith!

Member Since: 2015

Day Job: I’m currently in transition. I have been at Indiana Blood Center for six years; last five years serving as the corporate communications specialist. I’m starting at Well Done Marketing as a senior account executive.

What my job entails: I will be working with a variety of clients, helping each achieve goals and strategic initiatives through the great work of the creative team.

What I find most exciting/interesting about marketing: Change is the constant. While goals and objectives change, so do tactics. The ever-changing climate keeps me on my feet and drives creativity. I love it!

What I enjoy about IndyAMA: I am a transplant—originally from St. Louis, Missouri. There is so much energy in this city. So much forward progression. It’s hard NOT to want to be a part of it.

I know what I know about marketing through my education and personal experience, but there are some SMART marketers out there who know a whole LOT more than I do. Through AMA, I am able to learn from some of the best.

What I do for fun: My husband and I welcomed our first baby (boy) into the world last June, so fun these days is different, and wonderful. You can find us swinging at the new Tarkington Park, swimming at the downtown YMCA, or on our living room floor singing Raffi 😉

You may be surprised to know that: I don’t have brothers. I am the middle of three girls. I don’t know, is that surprising to know?! There may be something more interesting/surprising, but that’s what I’ve got for now.